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About Us

The MR-Motorcycles doors opened back in 1983 and upon that very first day we've accelerated into our third facility expansion. MR-Motorcycle is recognized as one of the largest destination dealers in the southeast and one of the top dealers in the nation. With sustaining growth in the ecommerce industry we knew launching would provide the golden key to service our customers globally. Our mission stands on the foundation that with great service comes notable success. Recently, MR-Motorcycle ( earned the "Council of Excellence" status award.

Today MRCycles Wholesale Parts Company is your secular OEM / Aftermarket dealer for major brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Polaris, and we'll guarantee to help you find the parts you need at an affordable discounted price for all ATV's, Enduro's, PWC, Scooter's, UTV's, Street, and Off-Road vehicles. MRCycles is dedicated to make sure your ride is quickly back on the road!

Our Commitment to Excellence is year round, so since you're here...go ahead and shop around for your OEM and Aftermarket Parts, Tires, Batteries, Apparel, Accessories. and much more as we carry the largest inventory selection with over a MILLION parts and products to choose from. With inventory this large you can be assured any Adult Men & Women, Youth and Kids can find just about anything they desire for their Moto needs.

With 30 Years under the belt our expert technical sales agents will provide you with superior customer service and fast World-Wide shipping. "Your OEM & Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Source"

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


About Fuelpak

Installing a performance exhaust system is only your first step.
Now, you need fuel management. You need Fuelpak.
Your fuel injected Sport bike is equipped with an ECU (electronic control unit) that's programmed
to deliver fuel to the motor based on an air/fuel ratio for a stock air filter and stock exhaust 
system. While the ECU can self-adjust for environmental factors such as temperature and altitude,
it can't adjust for mechanical changes like adding performance parts. When you install a 
performance exhaust system, your airflow changes, so you need a fuel management system that
adjusts your air/fuel ratio to match the changes. That fuel management system is Fuelpak. The
perfect combination with your performance exhaust system.

Ahead of the competition, Fuelpak is the most advanced system of it's type.

Nothing will compare.

As shown in the illustration, your stock air/fuel ratio runs just slightly lean, however, when you
install an aftermarket exhaust, that ratio changes, becoming even leaner. The white dashed
line reflects the baseline air/fuel ratio and where you want to be for optimum throttle response.
Unlike other fuel management systems that can only add fuel, Fuelpak adds and takes away
fuel, allowing for a more precise range of refinement in your air/fuel ratio. Designed and
manufactured entirely in-house, our technical staff is constantly at work developing custom
fuel maps for popular brands.

Don't settle for a system that is difficult to install.

After all, you want to focus on what you enjoy most. Riding.

When our engineering staff designed Fuelpak, the focus was on making installation and use
as simple as possible. Fuelpak plugs directly into the factory wiring harness and ECU using a
t-tap and OEM style connectors to stay fastened securely to your bike. Fuelpak fits so 
discreetly that, with the exception of the improved throttle response and rideability, you 
won't even know it's there. And should you ever remove Fuelpak, your motorcycle will return
to operating at it's original factory settings.

No computers needed, no need to tune on dyno. We did all the hard work for you.
Once the Fuelpak is installed, locate your fuel map from the setting chart provided or look it up
here. Next, with the ignition turned on, enter the values for your specific map directly into
Fuelpak and calibrate your TPS (throttle position sensor). Finally, shut off the ignition, put the
cover back on and you're ready to ride. That's the beauty of Fuelpak, you don't need to use a
computer or tune on a dyno because the settings you enter are the result of our extensive dyno
and road testing to find the ideal fuel map for your Sport bike.

*** Order your next FuelPak - click icon:  

Some Fuelpak systems are intended for use only on competition vehicles not used on public
highways. For systems legal for use on public highways, please refer to A.R.B. E.O. 
No. D-632-1.


The California Air Resources Board requires certain emissions-related aftermarket
parts to be evaluated and to receive an A.R.B. Executive Order to be legal for sale on
motorcycles used on public highways. 

Fuelpak EX has been granted an A.R.B. Executive Order (No. D-632-1) permitting its
use on the following Harley-Davidson models;
part no. applications
61001G 2007-08 Softail with smaller than 200mm rear tire
61003G 2007 Touring
61005G 2007-08 Dyna, 2007-08 VRSC
61007G 2007-08 Sportster, 2007-08 Softail with 200mm rear tire
61009G 2008 Touring
61011G 2008 Softail Rocker

Fuelpak EX settings are limited to 2007-08 Harley-Davidson models used in conjunction
with exhaust systems and engine parts that qualify as replacement parts or have 
received an A.R.B. Executive Order only. Please refer to Fuelpak EX setting charts 
available on the DOWNLOADS page as a guide to determine what combinations of
motorcycle and aftermarket parts are permissible for use with Fuelpak EX.

Fuelapk EX works in conjunction with your motorcycle´s factory oxygen sensors and
provides improved fuel delivery at higher RPM and throttle openings.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


A Practical Guide to Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Today’s options for bike stability have come a long way from the old block of wood.

by Redline Engineering

It’s time to buy a wheel chock. Your team at Redline Engineering is here to help you decide what kind of clamp will best suit your needs. Wheel chocks can range anywhere from twenty to three hundred dollars, knowing the differences will help you get the right tool to fit your job.

There are two main types of clamps. The most popular style features a rocking cradle, found on chocks like the Condor PS1500 and Titan Bulldog MotoCradle. Rocking cradle wheel chocks allow the rider to roll his motorcycle into the chock at which point the chock will hold the motorcycle upright with no help needed from the rider. Adversely, simple round tubing chocks have no moving parts and will do nothing to hold the bike upright. These round tubing chocks only keep the front wheel secured from moving forward or side to side.

Standard Wheel Chocks
Entry level, standard wheel chocks feature no moving parts and will not hold a motorcycle upright unassisted. If you attempt to do so you’ll be calling a buddy to help pick up your freshly scratched machine off the ground. These standard wheel stops are used to keep the front tire from rolling forward and are designed to be permanently mounted to a trailer floor.

There are Two Main Types of Tire Clamps, Standard & Rocking Cradle

Rocking Cradle Wheel Chocks

There are several different varieties of rocking cradle devices, all of which can be seen at These models are our favorite hands-down. Titan sells the only narrowing cradle chock on the market. This is a fantastic feature because it allows you to ride the bike into the stand while it simultaneously grabs the front tire by squeezing the pads of the cradle together as it rocks forward. All other models found on the market work in this same fashion but without a cradle that narrows during operation.

Several of these units can be permanently mounted or left free standing. If you purchase a trailer only style chock, which features no stabilizer bar, it must be rigid mounted to your trailer floor to avoid your motorcycle falling over. Some chocks are only designed for permanent mount and don’t have a bar to support rocking from side to side.

If you decide to mount your chock to your trailer floor, select manufacturers offer quick detach kits that allow fairly easy un-mounting and mounting. These detach kits work well for the money at about $25.00 and provide the ability to remove the device from your trailer floor in seconds.
If you are using your chock for different kinds of bikes (i.e. a motorcycle repair shop) you may want to invest in a stand that is completely adjustable to house any and all different types of front wheels. All chocks adjust to an extent. Some models, like the Pit Posse Motorsports chock, feature a cradle that adjusts front to rear as well as up and down, providing extra adjustability for the perfect fit.

The last thing to consider, when buying a motorcycle chock, is the width of your front tire? If you ride a chopper with a skinny front wheel you’ll need a chopper cradle attachment. Different companies offer different solutions. Condor sells a separate cradle that mounts into the existing PS1500 frame. Titan offers thick pads that slide over the fingers of the existing cradle. Either solution allows the fixture to properly clamp onto the narrow front tire for a more secure fit.
You have now been equipped with the knowledge to accurately gauge the type of chock you need and you also have some brands to research. is at the top of the list when it comes to being able to shop and compare all the different styles side by side. We offer the brands Condor, Titan, Pit Posse, K&L Supply, Redline Engineering, Pit Pal, and Drop Tail.


Motorcycle Apps!

There are plenty of apps out there for just about anything. Below we've included some that we have found for our bikes. If you have tried them or have others that we've missed, send us an email and let us know.
We have plenty of mounts and accessories for your smart phone on our website. Click here.

Race Sence
With "RACE SENSE" you can record your ride and save the data to show off to your mates or tell the World and post it straight to your Facebook page or Twitter.

Best Biking Roads
Looking for new places to go on your bike? Benefit from the experience of 19371 motorcyclists from all over the world who have added their favourite roads and reviewed those of others. Add your favourite roads and contribute to the community, search for a road. Look up roads and routes in new areas for trip planning or weekend rides..

Motorcycle Engines
MOTORCYCLE ENGINES - The Ultimate Motorcycle Application that brings to you the roaring sounds of the fastest, meanest, most powerful Sports, Cruising, Touring and Off-Road Bikes from around the world!

The forums app is built for enthusiasts who want instant mobile access to their favorate motorcycle communities. Download it at the Apple App Store or Android Market and start enjoying these great features:

Trapster alerts you to police speed traps and other roadway hazards.

Pocket First Aid & CPR
This downloadable app provides quick, concise and clear first aid and CPR instructions from a user's smartphone that can help a user save a life in the event of an emergency.

Dynolicious is the first automotive performance meter available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.Dynolicious uses the hardware built-in to your iPhone to measure the performance characteristics of your vehicle. No external wires or equipment are necessary, simply slip the iPhone into a cradle or cupholder and go!

Experience the difference a CYCLEPEDIA online manual makes. Your service and repair endeavors will never be the same.

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Experience the difference a CYCLEPEDIA online manual makes. Your service and repair endeavors will never be the same.